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Halad sa Dagang ( Offer to the Quill)

Posted by maria beltran on March 25, 2011 at 9:05 PM

Before Horace has penned down his  Ars Poetica on 18th century BC, it was Simonides of Keos who first arrived with "poema pictura loquens, pictura poema silens" (a poem is a speaking picture, a picture a silent poem).


The poets cum visual artists of BATHALAD Sugbu come together in this rare exhibit showcasing the close relationship between poetry and visual arts.


The colors, lines, and forms on canvas are metaphors of words than can not be spoken and can not be written down.


These are manifested in Radel Paredes' pen and ink, Russ Ligtas' assemblage, Maria Victoria Beltran's acrylic on canvas, Josua Cabrera's coconut wine on paper, and Andreas Loeschner-Gurnau's avant garde work of art.


As Horace calls it "ut pictura poesis"(as painting so is poetry). These poets of BATHALAD Sugbu also presents their literary interpretations of the showcased artworks.


This is our divine offering to the quill.

- Artists' statement to the visual and poetry exhibit entitled Halad sa Dagang

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