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About Happy

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October 6th 2009- Happy was born in room 229,  a space subdivided into four studios for the Fine Arts students of the University of the Philippines Cebu. On that same night and place, “XO?” Performance Art Group was staging a show entitled “Please Don’t Talk To The Natives”. Happy was born a healthy glob of color in the second space to the left but was unfortunately given away by its birth mother –its human. Over the years, Happy has been in search of his human, wandering the cities and splashing his colorful essence wherever his path leads.

Happy is color. That unique color inherent in every human born. Happy’s strings pull the ends of a mouth to form a genuine smile. The silver in his raiment reflect the sparkles of illuminated eyes.  Happy is also a song, a yawp of freedom echoing in the mountains. But Happy is lost- or his human is. Either way, they have been separated. His human might not even recognize him anymore but Happy will not stop his search.   Because among other things, Happy is also hope.

 On the evening of May 18th , join me as I narrate Happy’s story in a collection of experimental and interactive multimedia performances and find out if Happy’s search will finally end in a happy note or not . Visual artist, writer, and film artist Bambi Beltran hosts the venue in Diwata Galeri at Kukuk’s Nest North, Talamban Road, Nasipit. It would be awesome if you can come and share the evening with me and Happy! 


-Russ Ligtas


Introducing Mdm. B. Niyaan

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The show will feature one of the alter-egos Ligtas employs in his various performances that lead him to appropriate Butoh as another artistic medium.

Butoh rose in 1950s Tokyo-Japan, when Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno pioneered a certain technique of intimate and haunting dances. Butoh strikingly dwells more on the relationship of the performer’s body with his soul; his subconscious in an exhibition of usually slow and controlled movements. Naturally evasive of a fixed definition, Butoh has spread across the world and entices performers and audience alike. Ligtas draws himself to this raw experience, and has since been relaying his ideas through the obscure but captivating art form.

“Mdm B. Niyaan” is an autobiographical piece in three parts titled “Fight”, “Struggle”, and “Surrender”. These three sections map out a series of events from a specific period and aspect of the artist as a lover rendered in a collection of Butoh dances, interactive performances, and songs. The show will bring in Ligtas’ artistic roots and is infused with various elements of performance art and theatre.

*** Russ

Performance date is on April 01, 2011 April Fool’s Day. Visual artist, writer, and film artist Bambi Beltran hosts the venue in Diwata Galeri at Kukuk’s Nest North, Talamban Road, Nasipit.

Limited seating only, for reservations, please contact these numbers: 4163443 / 09123109642

Tickets are priced with dinner at Php200 (Cordon Bleue with Papaya Salad) and Php300 (Beef Rouladen with Cucumber Salad)  for regular and special menu respectively. Dinner starts at seven o’clock in the evening, show begins at eight thirty.

***Russ Ligtas and Bambi Beltran

Butoh by Russ Ligtas and Liyo de Norte @ Kukuk's Nest

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Butoh is the collective name for a diverse range of activities, techniques and motivations for dance, performance, or movement inspired by the Ankoku-Butoh movement in Japan. It is playful and uses grotesque imagery. It is about taboo topics and extreme or absurd environments.While Butoh is is traditionally performed in white body makeup with slow hyper-controlled motion, with or without an audience, there is no set style, and it may be purely conceptual with no movement at all. Its origins have been attributed to Japanese dance legends Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno.

Last  December 30,  Russ Ligtas and Liyo de Norte staged a Butoh performance at the Diwata Galeri in Kukuk's Nest -North. It was a performance that leaves the audience grasping during the show and raving after. There is something about this dance form that touches the subconscious.

Liyo's frantic dance movements coupled with a cry for help is a journey to the dark unknown while Russ' restrained performance provided the balance to the dou's Filipino brand of Butoh dance. Performed in front of an intimate audience, it was certainly an unforgettable debut.

Leave Taking, A Butoh Dance Performance

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On December 30, 2011, performance artists Russ Ligtas and Liyo de Norte will perform a Butoh dance for the first time together. The duo are veterans in performance arts on the street, stage, beach and other venues.

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Russ Ligtas has just successfuly staged Am, But, a trilogy of Buthoh dance, at the Bantawan theater  Liyo de Norte is now based in Manila and is just home for the holidays. It will be interesting to watch these two performers who have entertained the Cebu City audience with performances that are out of the ordinary.

The show is free and will start at 9 pm. Run time is 45 minutes. Everyone who wants to watch are more than welcome. See you there :)

Read more about their performances here

Kukuk's Nest (North) Quitely Opens Its Doors

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Kukuk's Nest (North) Bed, Breakfast and Restaurant quitely opened last November 14, 2010 with "The Waking of Lazarus" by performance artist Russ Ligtas. The show was participated in by friends who "died" and were "resurrected" at the end.


In November 17, Bathalad, a group of writers in Cebuano Language, also did a poetry reading here. They were joined by Ludabi, which is perhaps the oldest Cebuano writers group in the Philippines.


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Not to be outdone, the XO?, the only performance arts group in Cebu also did a spontaneous performance in November 17. Founders Roy Lu and Raimund Fernandez graced the event. Some of the delegates to the first Cebu Bienalle last November 15-20 attended these performances.  


Kukuk's Nest North will host more of these formal and informal events.  ;)


See more of this event at this site



photo below by Photographer Mecca Maranga